Chick Peas

Chick Peas

  • Chick peas were first grown in Mesopotamia around 75,000 years back. Across the globe, India is major exporter for chick peas worldwide.
  • Chick peas are available in two forms either Desi or Kabuli. It may be classified on the basis of shape, thickness, size etc.
  • Chick peas also vary in thickness and color from light tan to dark black. Kabuli chick peas are cream or white in color.
  • Chick peas are planted according to temperature conditions and soil quality. It is better to take help from experts for better idea.
  • Chick peas generally get matured within 3 to 5 months and should be planted in proper soil conditions for good results.

Specification :

Counts per Oune38/40, 40/42, 42/44, 44/46, 58/60, 75/80, 100/110
Foreign Matter0.20% Max
Total Defects04.20 % to 07.20% depending on counts
Moisture10.00% to 14.00% DEPENDING UPON WEATHER


Packaging Information:

  • Bag Type: Laminated
  • Bag Weight 60 Gms
  • Weight Capacity To Pack Up to 25 Kgs Material
  • Colour Natural, White
  • Labeling Printing with water based ink


  • Chickpeas can be used almost in every food item.
  • It is also used along with salads and taken as healthy food item.
  • Chick peas are enjoyed as desserts or sweets when you are completed with your lunch or dinner.
  • Chickpeas can also be converted into powdered form and it can be preserved longer.
  • It is taken as essential ingredient for soups and highly popular in US region.
  • Desi chick peas are largely consumed in India and south Asia along with variety of food items.

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